A Solution to Worker Shortages: Develop An Employer Brand


Business leaders across the globe – especially those in healthcare and senior services – are in search of the workplace trifecta: attracting, retaining and developing the right associates. With worker shortages topping the list of worries, having a strong employer brand has never been more important. Morrison Community Living Chairman Gene Dolloff recently sat down with LeadingAge magazine to share how businesses must take action to position themselves as an employer of choice. Read the article here:  http://bit.ly/2akbnN5

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Associates Stay #EveryDaySafe for National Safety Month


At Morrison Community Living, safety is always top of mind for our residents, guests and associates. We are always looking for creative and engaging ways to promote safety among our associates.

In honor of National Safety Month, we recently held our annual social media safety contest. We were excited to extend our safety contest to include TouchPoint Support Services.

Click below to see how our associates and accounts stay #EveryDaySafe.


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Chefs Cook Up Some Fun in the Food Fight Finals 2016


We just wrapped up our third annual Food Fight Finals. This year, the bar was raised even higher as the competition extended to chefs from TouchPoint Support Services. With the support of business partners – Hormel, Rich’s, Kraft Heinz and Chef Works – the 2016 Food Fight drew dozens of nominations. Eventually, we narrowed down the participants to four finalists: Chef William Rodimon, Chef Dennis Rodgers, Chef Shawn Hunt and Chef Matt Luangla.

Organized by Senior Corporate Executive Chef John Rifkin and hosted by Chef Jet Tila from The Food Network, this year’s Food Fight Finals took place on June 15th at Hillcrest in La Verne, CA. We further increased engagement by once again making the competition available via live stream.

Food Fight’s styled after Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Cutthroat Kitchen.” During the finals, chefs received several creative challenges including having to use foil and a golf club as cooking utensils as well as wearing a PB&J suit. Residents also participated in the challenge by deciding how much time the chefs were given for certain challenges. They even enjoyed watching and judging a Pad Thai competition between Chef Rifkin and Chef Tila.

After surviving elimination rounds and creating stand out dishes throughout all three rounds, Chef Matt Luangla from TouchPoint’s St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appelton, WI took home the first place title. Overall, all of the chefs and residents had a great time and the event even garnered national attention.

(Chef Matt Luangla and Chef Jet Tila)


Born from the idea of melting fun with engagement and competition, the Food Fight is a unique event that showcases culinary talent and career opportunities within the healthcare and senior living space. Additionally, it’s received some outside recognition. Our 2015 Food Fight video recently won a Bronze People’s Telly Award. We’re extremely honored and excited that this unique video was recognized with this prestigious award.

We looks forward to next year’s competition and is excited about finding unique ways to enhance this program and foster camaraderie against its associates.

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#SafeForLife: National Safety Month Tips for Seniors

(Courtesy: National Safety Council)

(Courtesy: National Safety Council)

What comes to mind when you think of June? You probably think of Father’s Day, the first day of summer, beaches, vacation and other summer related activities. But there’s something else that you should think about, and that is National Safety Month! Of course, safety should be remembered 365 days in the year, but this June we want to encourage you to learn more about safety issues that can impact the lives of you and your loved ones.

The National Safety Council designated this year’s theme as “SafeForLife.” Each week in June is divided into a different safety topic. Below you’ll learn more about each topic, especially when it comes to older adults who may live at home or in a senior living community.

From a slip and a fall at home to a natural disaster, anything can happen at any time. The most important question to ask yourself is if you will be ready? Preparation is the key, especially when you only have seconds to act.
Below are some important questions you want to be able to answer “yes” to in the case of an emergency:

  • Is anyone in your home trained in First Aid or CPR?
  • Does your family have an emergency plan at home?
  • Is your loved one’s senior living community prepared for an emergency?

TIP: If your loved one stays in a senior living community or you’re looking into making that move, Forbes contributor Jacob Edward recommends that you stop by the management office to get details about the facility’s emergency plans. Find out how new staff are trained about the plan and how often the employees are updated.

The Assisted Living Federation of America has an emergency preparedness toolkit that outlines standard procedures and suggestions for assisted living facilities and other senior communities. You can use this tool as a guide to help you know what to ask for.

Every day you make decisions that have a direct impact on your health. From making smart food choices to exercising regularly, these decisions can help you stay in good shape and avoid injuries. However, when injuries do occur, you can still protect your health when deciding what medications to take. However, the National Safety Council wants to make sure you are aware of the dangers. According to the Council, 52 people die from prescription opioid overdoses every day. That’s why they recommend you know the signs of opioid painkiller addiction and talk to your family about the risks of those medications.

Medications are essential for the care of seniors. When used appropriately, medications are effective treatments for acute and chronic conditions. For tips and more information on proper medication management, check out this guide from AssistedLivingFacilities.org.

Falls are the leading cause of death for older adults. The National Safety Council recommends the following tips to ensure their safety:

  • Use non-skid mats in the bath and shower
  • Install grab bars in the tub, shower and near the toilet, and railings on the stairs
  • Provide adequate lighting in every room and stairway
  • Place nightlights in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways
  • Keep often-used items like clothing and food easily accessible to avoid stools or ladders

Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of unintentional-injury-related death overall, according to the National Safety Council. However, you can change these statistics by changing your actions. The Council recommends that you slow down on the roads, eliminate distractions like your cell phone, buckle up and watch out for children.

Also, when it comes to older drivers, did you know that the risk of a fatal crash increases for drivers older than 70? That’s according to the CDC. If you think it’s time to determine whether driving or public transportation is the better option for your older loved one, check out these resources from NHTSA. You will find advice on modifying cars for older drivers, how to talk with them about driving and medical conditions that can affect driving.

At Morrison Community Living, we understand the importance of safety in senior living facilities and we celebrate the National Safety Council’s campaign to help everyone stay SafeForLife.

Check out our recent blog post to see more safety tips for seniors.

We’d love to know how are you celebrating National Safety Month and staying SafeForLife. Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to avoid opening day roadblocks


FSD-weblogoThe ability to adjust on the fly is a key job requirement for any foodservice manager, but doing so during the stress of opening a new facility could be described as an art. “After you’ve worked for a number of years, you get that sixth sense of how to adjust quickly,” says Scott Almy, director of dining room services at Morningside Ministries Community in Boerne, Texas. Read Full Stories Here

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Morrison Community Summit: A Strategic Road Map for Rehabilitation


Is your community looking to enhance your rehabilitation program? Register now for the next Morrison Community Summit Educational Series webinar on Facts, Findings and Food for Thought on creating a strategic Rehabilitation program. This engaging one-hour webinar will give access to industry practices and examples. To register for this webinar, click on the link to the right.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Register here.


Denise Rabidoux
Denise RabidouxPresident & CEO
Evangelical Homes of Michigan
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Julia PrattExecutive Director of Rehabilitation & Assisted Living
Brooks Rehabilitation
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John RifkinSenior Corporate Executive Chef
Morrison Community Living
Carole DeBonte
Carole DeBonte Director of Clinical Wellness
Morrison Community Living
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Jeff Cline: CommunityWorks smooth operator


McKnight’s Senior Living: Want to wow your residents? Be a smooth operator. 

Every day, an average of 10,000 Americans turn 65. After decades of demanding careers, raising families and planning for the future, the last thing these older adults want to worry about is laundry and cleaning.

A successful environmental services program can help residents at senior living communities spend more time enjoying their retirement and less time on household chores and maintenance.

Created by Morrison Community Living, CommunityWorks includes environmental and operational services designed to save costs, keep senior living communities running smoothly and take the burden off of seniors. CommunityWorks offers landscaping, light maintenance, grounds keeping, laundry and housekeeping for residents. From finding the right service providers to implementing the right equipment, CommunityWorks helps communities operate more efficiently, save money and improve the resident experience.

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Get to Know Chef O


Bateman Community Spotlight: Get to Know Chef O

When Fred Orton began his career with Bateman Community Living, he had one special person in mind: his grandma.

She regularly received food from a meal delivery program and lived on the outskirts of their service delivery area. When she received a meal that didn’t travel well, she was sure to let her grandson, Fred, know about it.

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York, Chef Fred Orton, a food service director for Bateman Community Living, vowed to create the best possible dining experience for his grandmother and seniors like her.

For more than 30 years, Bateman has provided healthy, nutritious meals for senior meal programs, including many Meals on Wheels organizations. Bateman also serves adult daycare, Head Start and summer lunch programs, prepares food for event catering, therapeutic meals and provides shelf-stable meals and disaster response nutrition across the country.

According to Meals on Wheels America, 1 in 6 seniors struggles with hunger in the United States. In New York State alone, over 600,000 seniors are threatened by hunger.

That’s why Chef Orton is making sure seniors in his community—Dutchess County, NY—get the nutrition they need and the delicious meals they love.

“It all starts with one,” he says. He teaches his culinary team to put the same care into getting a meal right for one person as they do for serving 500 people.

There are many organizations preparing meals for seniors, but what makes Bateman stand out is the quality of each meal and the care that goes into it. “For us,” Chef Orton says, “it’s more than a meal. The bread that I’m including with this meal has a name on it: Mrs. Johnson.”

It’s this sense of community—people serving people—that Chef Orton nurtures in many aspects of his work. He has helped launch a series of cooking demonstrations that teach seniors more nutritious ways to prepare the food they already love. Seniors love asking questions and watching how the food they eat is prepared, and it’s also an opportunity to come out of their rooms and meet each other. Chef Orton offers follow up support by posting his recipes online, and the program has a Facebook page where seniors can post questions and receive answers.

When he’s not teaching seniors how to cook healthy, Chef Orton is using his kitchen to provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the ARC of Dutchess County, three local school districts, and Abilities First. Chef Orton teaches adults with disabilities alongside his Bateman culinary staff who receive the same food safety, kitchen safety, and hospitality training. Four students will go on to culinary school while others have learned skills that will help them in a range of careers.

“These young people are so excited to receive the training and come to work every day,” says Chef Orton. “They are a true inspiration to me and my staff!”

For this vocational training and helping to prepare people for success in the community, Orton and his team were recognized by ARC of Dutchess County and was presented with the Bridge to Employment award on May 4th.

“Bateman’s culture has been embraced by my team and extends to the community through the services we provide,” Chef Orton says. What has been the recipe for his success? Bringing together two of his favorite passions: family and food.

Although his grandma is no longer his top food critic—she passed away a few months ago—Chef Orton says that he has 698 Dutchess County seniors who are happy to give him feedback. His story is powerful example of how service and compassion can inspire a community.

To keep up with Bateman Community Living, make sure to like their Facebook Page.

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