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We Provide

a consistent experience across all service areas.


While we are proud of our history and heritage as a culinary leader in the industry, Morrison Community Living has transformed the senior living landscape with innovative services and programs to help communities keep pace with the needs and expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. We achieve this while evolving to a whole-person approach and staying engaged with the greater community. We focus on the complete resident experience and we consistently develop and launch comprehensive, fully integrated services and programs that improve the overall dining, hospitality, wellness and living environment for all residents at all stages of life


Dining is our cornerstone offering, grounded in a food philosophy highlighted our commitment to local, seasonal, sustainable and delicious food. But there’s more to our food than you can imagine. We are actively committed to fostering ways to enjoy great-tasting, fresh, quality, healthy food through socially responsible practices and superior customer service.


Morrison’s environmental service program, CommunityWorks, provides housekeeping, laundry, grounds & landscaping, operations & maintenance support to communities. The distinguished service everyone has come to know from our dining is extended to our CommunityWorks program, where our friendly, courteous and compassionate associates who serve with a hospitality mindset. Add to that increased efficiency and functionality with our Worxhub program, and we help communities focus on what’s most important – their residents.


Bateman Community Living, division of Morrison Community Living and a member of Compass Group North America, has led the industry for 30 years by providing healthy, flavorful meals to senior meal, disaster response, congregate, adult daycare and head start programs across the country. We pride ourselves on offering DRI compliant menus that can be customized to meet the specific needs of those we serve, underscoring our purpose of enriching the lives of seniors every day.


Like the diverse residents we serve, our Wellness & Nutrition offerings are unique and customizable. We offer a range of services including rehabilitation to meet the specific needs of our residents across the care continuum.


We provide superb dining, nutrition, wellness, EVS and hospitality solutions to more than 350 senior living clients across 42 states, including some of the largest and most prominent senior living communities in the United States.